Friday, October 9, 2009

Big Boy Photos

Miguel on the Left, Micah on the Right.
A brief update on the Big boys!!! God is truly blessing these little Angels. They are growing so wonderfully. Can't wait to give them some Grammy love!!! Seeing the miracles of God on these little guys every day is enough to make your faith grow!! God has brought them so far in such little time. Whe you stop to think that they weren't even due until later next month (November) it is just awesome!! Miracle after miracle, we give God all the Glory!!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Baby Micah Surgery Update

Surgery went well for Micah today. Doctor actually said he didn't have to do as much as they anticipated. The lining in his intestine was causing blockage, so Dr. went in and put the lining back in place where it belongs and is hoping it doesn't go back in that direction. Thank God again for His hand of miracles!!!! I am so excited we get to keep "The Bug" again this weekend. I love my time with her, she is so energized. Auntie Jo Jo loves her coming over too. They play "tea, and babies, and dress up." How many Aunties do that with their little nieces? LOL. They get along really well.

Please Pray

Please pray for baby Micah. He had lazer eye surgery yesterday and he is having surgery on his tummy this morning at 10:00. Micah is such a strong little guy, a true fighter. We know God is in control, and He knows all about it. We just ask for extra prayers for him so he can be back with his brother and closer to Mommy & Daddy and big sister. We give God all the Glory for what He has done!!!!

I'm a Big Boy!!!

Miguel in his big boy clothes. Well, move over Preemie clothes, we are about to bust out the seams!!! What a big boy!!! At 4lbs 6oz, he is just growing by leaps and bounds. No need for too many preemies by any means. He is such a big boy!! Mommy got to nurse him for the first time last night, and boy oh boy did he take advantage of the situation. Mommy gets to nurse him every day (once a day for now). This is such great progress. God is truly amazing!! Can't wait to cuddle this little butterball. I bet he will love Gammy hugs too!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Prayer Request

In all of the postings I have made here, I never really mentioned much about our Daughter and Son in law other than their strength and trust in God. Please pray for their continued strength, physically, and spiritually. They are not able to go home and are staying in a Hotel, so this is a whole life altering situation. Pray they can get the much needed rest as well as the spiritual strength they need. They have a wonderful church family, Pastor and Pastors wife and friends and family that give them lots of support and love. It is a trial for them as they continue on this journey. they are so proud of their little Angels and Myra. God has truly blessed them with a beautiful family. Guys, we love you!! And all the Gammy time Myra wants, we are ready!!!

Wow, Look at that Boy

Take a look at this little chunker. Meet the new baby Miguel, at 7 weeks old. He is doing fantastic!! Please pray for Micah, he is at KU Medical Center due to the infection in the reservoir and they had to remove it. Due to Dr being out of Country and other partner Dr. not doing their hospital yet, they had to move him. Pray the infection clears up really quickly so he can be back with his brother and slow down the long days for Mommy and Daddy. We are believing God for no long term effects from this or anything else!! God has brought these little troopers a LONG way!!!!

September 09 2009

Both boys are weighing 2lbs 11oz. Amazing progress. Thank you Lord for all that you are doing with these precious bundles!!! Mommy and Daddy get to hold both boys now and they are just loving it. Cuddle bugs!!! LOL What miracles they are!!! We ask you to continue to pray for both boys, and especially pray for baby Micahs tummy issues. In Jesus Name there is no more trouble with the hole in his intestine.